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Latest (1915 Dated) Casing Find


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Hello Gentlemen!

Came across this one today in a dusty old shop. Unknown to me, but I'm sure it is probably an easy one for the 'experts!'

Opening size at the neck is 2.06" or 52mm. Height is just under 7"s and width of the base (rimmed) is 2.5"s. Slightly necked at the top.

Markings on the base are:

- WS 1
- ?PRL 1915
- "Squiggly" over 10

It is 2 piece construction, as you can see the seam just above the rim of the base.

Thanks very much!

- Mike


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How is the top held on ?

is there a big nut thing inside ? is it a real seam or is it machining or heat treatment mark ? Size is odd ?
is there a big nut thing inside ? is it a real seam or is it machining or heat treatment mark ? Size is odd ?

It does seem an oddball, doesn't it. Appears to be an actual seam. I can see the 'joint' on the inside. However, I won't swear to it yet. I can't see a method of attachment.

No large nut, but a large 'hump' in the inside middle of the base. Will try to snap a pic of the inside.
Riveted case ?

Sounds like a "riveted" case from your description with the large "hump" in the inside being the "Rivet" that has been turned over to secure the base.
The "rivet" is then drilled for a percussion primer.
I used to have a couple of what I believe were German 1WW cases with one being brass and the other Steel both using the same single brass "Rivet" in the centre to secure the base to the case body which has a flange for the "Rivet" to go through.

Both were 1917 dated.
Inside photo...

Definitely a hump, and there is a definite seam around the inside base, but it doesn't show up that well in this photo.

Any thoughts on what this was used in??


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