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paul the grenade

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Heres my latest masterpieces.
A Japanese type 91 and a British No68 mk4.
Hope you like them.


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A very nice job, well done! Will make for a nice display. I like that you left the original paint on and did not repaint the exterior of the round.
Hi Paul,
What is with the cup or small chamber on the bottom of the type 91, it looks to be a container for a small charge to launch the grenade from a cup or small tube/mortar, as there is what looks to be a primer in the base of it.?

Best regards Weasel.
Hi Weasel.
Thats right. It was a small propeling charge so the grenade could also be fired from the type 89 50mm mortar commonly known as the "Broken Knee Mortar" http://members.shaw.ca/nambuworld/t89pix.htm
The grenade has a 7 second fuze so it wouldn't explode till it had landed. This proved to be a bit to long for hand throwing and it was shortened to about 4.5 seconds and the base charge was abandoned. the grenade was then designated type 97.