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Latest date for the Am. Ord. Co.?


BOCN Contributor
The American Ordnance Company produced ammunition of various calibers starting in around 1894 or so. Later, around 1904 it became part of an arms conglomerate and later still it became part of the American and British Manufacturing Company.

I was wondering whether you folks could take a look and see if you have any Am Ord Co material that is dated and, if so, share that information here.


The history of the company is weird. It seems that they might have very well done business as Am. Ord after the various takeovers. Seems that the plant was vacant ca. 1935.
I have one interesting U.S. Naval 6pdr BD common projectile stamped as follows: A.O.Co. 1897. The projectile's brass base detonator is stamped: Am.Ord.Co. 1899 and the Winchester manufactured brass cartridge casing is dated 2-98. Best regards, Randy
Interesting. Thank you. It seems that the period of activity is 1897-99. Maybe they stopped dating things?
I think that they went belly up before WW1.

There is an interesting story here. I wonder where the corporate records went.
In regard to non-dated American Ordnance Company items, I have a 1.65-inch Hotchkiss brass cased canister round that has the "AM.O.Co." stamped on it's brass canister load casing. There is no date to be found. I've always assumed that these style canister rounds were circa late 1880's - early 1890's.
I am trying, with a little (very little) success to untangle this stuff.

Every little piece of information helps.