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Lex' little treasures from Beltring.


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Well , I saw a lot, but only came home with three grenades that I bought.
Norwegian M100 F1, Yugo VBR M75 and an RG42 throwing dummy.
The fuze is a Bulgarian UZRGM.

You should have seen the faces of the ladies at Customs when I wanted to enter the Eurotunnel.
Luckily the docs I have left a good impression...

I had fun, I guess most of us did.
Really great that I met a lot of BOCN members, see you next time!



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Hi Waff,

the ladies at customs ( nice hot birds ) stayed really cool.
They were just about to search the car (which they did anyway) when I told them there were grenades aboard (the best looking asked me for weapons etc.).
The search then was not so intense anymore.
"Are they de-activated?"
Yes, wanna see them?
"No, I believe you, you can go..."

and I laughed the whole trip through the tunnel...