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Lighter with some history.


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I got this little lighter off e bay a year or so ago. What interested me about it is that although it was obviously not a real projectile, more a made up item, the engraving/stamping on it was of a very high standard - possibly a salesmans item?

The lighter is about 25mm in diameter so its not as big as it looks in the photos.

Stamping on the front says:

Ro No 666518

So out of curiosity I got on the internet and did some research. About a minute later I found this brilliant web site (see link below) that gives the history of the factory with the all important section on what they did in the war:

"During the war Hendersons factory was solely committed to manufacturing components for the war effort. Items manufactured include Howitzer Guns, Ammunition Hoists, Bailey Bridges, Mine Sweeping Equipment, Tank Components and Shells."

The link is as follows


What a great piece of history!!



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Thats an interesting History especially as they made bailly bridges for the engineers , many of these bridges are still in use today !