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Links for German 30mm MK 108 El


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I am after the correct designation for the links that were used for the WW2 German 30mm rounds for the MK 108 . How hard are they to find, and are there many around?
Any info will be greatly appreciated.

According to this web site http://www.luft46.com/armament/mk108.html
In short, the MK 108 was a blow-back operated, rear-seared, belt fed 30 mm cannon using electric ignition and was charged and triggered by simple compressed air...
The operating sequence for the MK 108 went like this:
  • An ammunition can fed the rounds to the gun by means of a disintegrating belt
  • Once the sear was released, the bolt went forward under the action of the two driving springs
  • A projection on the top of the bolt passed through the ring, thus extracting a round
  • This then forced the round into the chamber and fired the round while the heavy bolt was still moving forwards
  • The empty cartridge case reinserted itself in its link after firing
  • Ejection was achieved by means of pawls activated by camming grooves that were cut into the top of the bolt
  • Finally, the new round slipped into position and the sequence repeated
Also check out http://www.lonesentry.com/manuals/tme30/ch7sec9sub3.html
which mentions "60-round disintegrating link belt."
any use ??


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Spotter, I use to do the belt checks as per your 1st document on 30mm aircraft ammunition for the aden cannon, those were the days!
Doesn't seem as if anyone answered your questions. Nomenclature was Gurt (belt) 108. Single link is (die) Gurtglied 108. They are VERY hard to find! I have been a serious link collector for years and still don't have a good one.
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