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Links to Photo Pages of Parts of My Ord Collection


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Following links go to photo pages I've created in the past. Once on any page, clicking an image will give you a larger shot.

British WWI and WWII Grenades:


French WWI and WWII Grenades:


British 2", 3", 4.2" Mortar Rounds, PIAT Rounds, etc.:


British Booby Trap Switches and Igniters:


British and French Cut-Away Items I've Found or Made Myself:

I have been a regular visitor to horsas site for couple years now,,,its definately well worth having a look
Updated the pages

Finally got around to updating some of the photo link pages with some items I'd previously forgotten to shoot. The mortar area has the addition of a British 4.2" base ejection round. The French page has a fairly rare DR pattern rifle grenade and a P2 stick grenade. The British section has a No 73 which has been restored along with a museum quality reproduction No 2 Mark I which I decided to include for visual reference for people to identify if one should turn up somewhere.

Clicking on any photo shown on the site will load a larger image. Links to the various grenade and mortar pages is at the top of this thread.
Thanks for the updates Horsa,,especially the 4.2 BE round,never seen one of those before .odd looking thing