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Here an image recovered on the Net (straight reserved)
It seems that it was first container with gas (chlorine and phosgene) of 22 cm named by German Schleudermine
One sees on this photographs of the buried semi projectiles and I think that it was of these mortar
The found mortars were installed as on the photographs
Also found electric wire and lighters brass some for started the central gaine of the sheath
Somebody can it provide further information on these mortar, launched by what or opening on the ground just as it is
They exist three different type which I found, always vacuums, and with different systems of a conception
It's the first picture showing these mortars that i see and the site where this one come from is at about 15 km wher i've found a lot of of them
I don't think it was 20 cm typical livens laucher


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Hi Doctor,

There is quite a lot written about the Livens Projector.

The easiest for me to post is a couple of links:

[ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livens_Projector"]Livens Projector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:Livens_gas_projector_loading.jpg" class="image"><img alt="Livens gas projector loading.jpg" src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/cf/Livens_gas_projector_loading.jpg/300px-Livens_gas_projector_loading.jpg"@@AMEPARAM@@commons/thumb/c/cf/Livens_gas_projector_loading.jpg/300px-Livens_gas_projector_loading.jpg[/ame]

[ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Howard_Livens"]William Howard Livens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:William_Howard_Livens.jpg" class="image"><img alt="William Howard Livens.jpg" src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b3/William_Howard_Livens.jpg/200px-William_Howard_Livens.jpg"@@AMEPARAM@@commons/thumb/b/b3/William_Howard_Livens.jpg/200px-William_Howard_Livens.jpg[/ame]


I hope these help.
The livens projector was developed in 3 barrel lengths 33,36,and 48 inches,with only the 33in and 48in seeing service.The 33in model had arange of approx 1,275yds(1166mtr) the longer 48in had a range of approx 1800yds (1646 mtrs).This range could be altered by adjusting the amount of propelling charges used
attached some of the livens projector images i have,


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Hi to all
Thank you for your post
iknow all site on net but no found this one in picture from german data
It's this type old primitive 22 cm livens that i think to see on the thirst picture
For this one, I've found three different type of initiating system and filling
No found data anywhere but i've see them in the ground like the picture
Nothing on place about laucher
All are no use and only one have a little brass fuze without mecanical system
It's the reason why i think they must be blowing up in place by an electric pyrotechnic fuze...
I'm sure that it's GB Mortar gas


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