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long delay fuze No.47 MK I


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Hello fellow collectors,
here an image of the hard to find chemical long delay (30min) side pocket pistol, used by the British in WW II. This particular one was made and converted from a No.53 MK II long delay tail pistol (60min). The orriginal stencillings were overstamped. the fuze was used in the side pocket of the GP-1900lb, GP-12000lb & GP-22000lb, HC-2000lb & HC-4000lb.
Enjoy the image:tinysmile_shy_t:
Mrfuze, USA


  • No.47 MK I, 2, UK.jpg
    No.47 MK I, 2, UK.jpg
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  • No.47 MK 1, 2a, UK.jpg
    No.47 MK 1, 2a, UK.jpg
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N0$7 Mk 1 and 2 and 3 Transverse Pistol

Additional information
Used in GP4,000Lb Mk1 bomb
HC2,000Lb Mk1
4,000Lb Mk1 and 2 bombs
DP 12,000Mk1 and 22,000 Lb Mk1 bombs
Its a chemical long delay fuze
used in conjunction with 28, 30 or 37 tail pistols
Arming time approx 8 revollutions

Source British Bomb and Rocket pistols and Fuzes 1914 - 2007
By Dave Andrews and Alan swan