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Looking for 1930\'s US manufacturers


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Hey there all,

I got an e-mail from the US with some questions I can't answer, so I hope you can help this guy. Bob from the US wrote me this:

I am writing a manuscript (book, I hope) on the private arms dealers of the 1930s and hope that you might have information -- or can suggest people to contact -- preferably in the form of catalogs or other printed or photographic material. Specifically, I'm looking for any info on American Armament Corporation products, notably the 37-mm aircraft and antiaircraft cannon. They were associated with two brothers operating an arms trading business in the Netherlands prior to World War II: Daniel and Nathan Wolf, about whom I'd like to have more info. Previous to their involvemnent with the Wolfs, they were the American representatives for Soley Armaments (Great Britain). As you may know, Soley Armaments was associated with Grimard (Soley-Grimard) and probably Josef Veltjens (in Berlin). Any info on these firms -- catalogs or whatever, would be sincerely appreciated and appropriately credited.

I am at a loss as to the mortars sold by AAC to Bolivia during the Chaco War, particularly what is described as a 47-mm mortar, then later 50-mm "hand-held" mortars sold elsewhere.

While I realize this is out of the area of mines and grenades, AAC was also producing hand grenades of some sort and did patent an "undetectible" land mine in the '40s.

Thanks for any suggests for sources that you can provide.
Bob Lamoreaux

Bob can be contacted directly on his mail, but comment on the topic can/should be placed here as well ofcourse... louise_1@peoplepc.com
Who has documentation? Who has AAC ammo?
Your help will be much appreciated.
Thanks, Lex