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Looking for Photo of SD 2 dispencers

Thanks poiskovik i have seen it nice find AZ 70A is very rare you don't see them that much.

Or a good Drawing???

Hello WAD!!! Do you mean these here? Greeting Harry


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Yes I have fuze 70 A too, but it's not good looking. If you want I'll make some pictures.:tinysmile_shy_t:
SD2 bomb containers...

23 bombs in a AB23 SD2 container

108 bombs in the AB250-3 container

6 bombs in the Mark 500 Boden container

24 bombs in the AB 24t container
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Is this one?
Hi SteveM,

Thats a nice photo of a AB 1000 Kg this one holds if iam correct 700 1kg Inc bombs.

Have a look at the drawings of Fussee and GermanMilitariaUK.

Thank you guys for looking.