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lost deact certificate


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hi guys
i seem to have lost my deact certificate for my lee enfield rifle
can this be replaced .?
or would it go back to proof house to get new spec certificate?
i got it from royton arms ten years ago ?
Armystuff :tinysmile_angry2_t:
hi ya its not actually a legal requirement to have the deac cert providing the rifle still has the deac stamps and the deactivation hasnt been altered in anyway but if you want a cert you will have to send the rifle to them as they wont reissue a replacement cert without checking the deactivation of it and if its an oldspec deac pre 1995 it will be issued with the same type cert it wont now become newspec so dont worry they issue the replacement cert to the same spec that the rifle was first issued with providing that the deactivation hasnt be tampered with in anyway the rumours of oldspec coming back as new spec is a load of rubbish hope that helps you if you need anymore info or the proof house phone number etc let me know cheers from chris
thanks for that mate
that has cheered me up today :tinysmile_tongue_t:
replcement deac cert

I had lost a certificate for a colt I used to have. I had it taken to Birminghma Proof House where it was reinspected and a new certificate issued for 30. If yopu send it through the post you will have to provide costs to cover P&P.
They do however re stamp the Deac with the current stamp. Mine neded up with both 91 and 07 stamps on it.
hi ya yes they will restamp it but thats only for the date it was recertified and that it meets deactivation specifications it still doesnt change the spec of a deac an old spec fully working dry fireable action etc wont suddenly come back as new spec fully stripped out welded solid pile of rubbish so dont worry armystuff cheers from chris
thanks guys
my mate wanted to swap me a whole bunch of medals for the rifle
but when i looked for certificate i could not find it .?
i will let him see this advice
thanks again guys
Armystuff. :tinysmile_tongue_t:
/perks = sits up and takes notice, someone mentioned medals ?

very good mate
i havent even seen them yet ? weekend maybe :tinysmile_tongue_t:
Id love to advise on them but Im attending an event in Sunderland this weekend.
The only problem with a lost cert is that you will not be able to sell it , unless you in my case had a letter from the previous owner that he had a certificate and that it had been lost , it still didnt make it legal but it helped me to dispose of the item.
The believe that having a deac without a cert is ok is a fallacy it must by law have this document
thanks Fuzeman
if i like his medals i will give him a note to say i lost the deact certificate
then its his problem ?
i also bought a russian tokerov rifle 20 years ago from a car boot sale 10
this is also deactivated but the guy had lost the certificate ?
dose this mean im in the sh-t with this aswell ?
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hi ya no it is not a legal requirement to have the deac cert providing that the item is stamped and hasnt had the deactivation changed in anyway i have first hand knowledge of this i have had a couple of my deacs checked by the police and firearms unit when they came a knocking a while back due to a neighbour seeing some items i was taking out my car boot into the house and reported me then the next day the police etc came round in a kind of quiet raid as i am a firearms holder anyway they thought it highley unlikely that i would have anything ilegal as i can get pretty much anything i want legally anyway so they came round equiped but most of the 20 odd officers stayed outside in the van and only three officers knocked on door and told us of the report etc and could they see my items i showed them to them and a couple didnt have certs but the firearms guys agreed with me that it wasnt a requirement to have them due to the stamps etc and they could see the barrel was still pinned etc then they just did a spot check of my shotguns and rifles etc to check the serial numbers matched my license then they went on there way apologising for what just happened etc but it wasnt there fault they were just acting on information received so if it was illegal to own them with out a cert i would have got done but didnt as it was legal i have also in the past traded deacs in with militaria dealers without certs no problems who also said it wasnt a problem just knocked off the price to get a new cert as they like to sell them with certs as they find it hard to sell without it and have to reduce the price alot to get it to sell usually more than what it actually costs to get a replacement cert if it was ilegal it would say something to that effect on the cert about if it was lost etc but it doesnt its a bit like an mot cert not a requirement to have the cert as the car is still covered if its lost just the same as the deac is still covered by the deac stamps etc cheers from chris
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hi have a look at this post i pasted below it confirms everything i have said this was posted on another forum i go on in a discussion on lost deac certs

Post subject: Re: lost deact cert
Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:25 am

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Group: WLHA; WW2ENI Okay,I'm not getting into a debate on this one and won't accept responsibility etc.etc.

But having been in the same position, losing certs, for both a MkII Sten & a M1 Carbine (both new-spec 'paperweights') I contacted my local firearms branch for advice.

I was advised to bring both arms to the station immediately.

I did, near as dammit, and was advised after a very short inspection that both 'weapons' were fine and the certificates were really 'immaterial'.

I cannot vouch for the standing of this advice in law,but it does seem to bear out what Dietmar said.

Romans 8:35
Having first hand dealings over deacts being offered to a museum ,without cerificates i contacted the relevent polce force (Kent) who told me in no uncertain terms that without certificate we could not accept them , but they advised ,( which we did ) to take them to a local firearms dealer , who had them reinspected at the London proof house and a certificate was issued , which cost the museum about 30 if i remember . anyone taking a deact to a show should to be on the safe side take their certificate with them, as a causionary measure.
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In Northern ireland they can have pistols mainland Britain we cant the laws are probably different , the same as Jersey Pistols and Semi Automatic rifles are legal to shoot and own whilst in Guernsey they have followed England and banned them
hi ya here is the link to the post on the other forum i was onabout
read it all the way down to the bottom and you will see that they also say its not a legal requirement i think that the matter of my post above about with the dealing with the police when they came to check my stuff is that if it was illegal to have deacs without a cert i would have been arrested the fact i wasnt and that they agreed with me it wasnt a legal requirement proves that a cert isnt needed doesnt it and fuseman i am not having a go or arguing horribly or anything like that so please dont take offence its simply a friendly forum debate hehe cheers from chris
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great advice guys
i think by the sounds of it it depends on the area or the police man
that you are dealing with to what answear you get ?
i think the best bet is to take my guns to my local cop shop and see what
there vertion is ?
and i will come back with the answear to the forum .
thanks again guys
Armystuff :tinysmile_tongue_t: