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Lowestoft maritime museum.


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Hi Guys, visited this little museum at the weekend so I thought I'd share some pictures which may be of interest.


Sea mine and German naval shell outside.
German naval shell from the bombardment of the town 25 April 1916.


No details on the calibre but looked to be about 11" or 12", the German battle cruisers main armament.
Two massive shell fragments from the bombardment. 6 PDR 7 CWT case gives some idea of scale.


Well worth a visit if your visit the East coast. The park also houses the Lowestoft war museum and the R.N.P.S. (Royal Navy Patrol Service) museum.
Looks like you had a good time at the museum Q.
Great pics.
How come that large shell on the doorstep never went off i wonder? it looks a fired shell judging by the drive bands.


I'd guess that a house doesn't offer the same resistance as a battleship!


The Germans were using AP ammo rather than HE, otherwise the death toll would have been much higher.

During the 20 minutes that the German squadron shelled the town they (thankfully) only killed four, two men, one woman and a child. 21 others were injured.