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Luftwaffe proving ground.


Mariusz Loslau

Some pics from last weekend in Poland.
Another trip to old Luftwaffe proving ground.
Here unfortunately, again only another SD-4Ex concrete bomb (INERT)
...but this was not everything ;)

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Here for example destroy (empty) container for B1E... anybody knows what type?

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Looks like i need to do another reminder on forum rules
"You may notice some members have "ordnance approved" under their names.These members are persons who are employed or have been employed in Legitimate ordnance clearance or EOD for professional companys or governments.These members are the only ones allowed to show Live or Dug ordnance on site .The only exception is Historical images news articles etc.Ordnance Approval will only be considered for members who have been active on site for 4 weeks or more
Discussion of EOD procedures explosive composition etc is still not permitted on site even by members who are "ordnance approved"
This ruling was implemented for public safety reasons"

Failure to abide by this rule will result in posts deletion by BOCN admin and moderators and membership of bocn may be withdrawn
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Yes, spotter very nice!
But that was only pic of concret! no live ammo!
And one more thing;
Dug? -not everywhere digging is prohibited.
For example; in Poland You can get permission for digging in WKZ, and sometimes we cooperate with EOD.

I understand rules of forum; live ammo it's always danger... but I dont see any of this thing in my fotos.

The rules state LIVE OR DUG ordnance if you feel you should be classed as ordnance approved please contact member Madbomber who deals with non uk applicants on behalf of BOCN,remember you are a guest on this site these are the rules if you dont like them other websites exist where posting live or inert dug ordnance is freely shown and encouraged.Bocn is not one of them