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Lulworth Tank Ranges


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I remember back about ten years ago, some friends and I used to go to Dorset on holiday and stay near Lulworth Tank Ranges. At the time there was an official car park (it had picnic tables etc)where you could watch the tanks firing on the range and out to sea, it was an awsome sight, especially at night. I went back a couple of years ago and the car park had gone, does anyone know why ? Tony.
Probably because the Lefties dont want us enjoying militaria related things anymore mate.:angry:
I mean,look at the BS excuses they have farmed out now with militaria shows not being allowed at TA barracks anymore.

Oh come now!!,

everyone knows its just an excuse my friend!
They just want to be showing that they are doing something as they cannot sort out all these criminals!
If they were that bothered that the public shouldnt be worried,then put armed guards on(at the shows) to show that business is meant.:p


Hi Tony,the answer is simple,the view point was very close to the firing point.When firing 120mm rounds from a challenger 2,the blast was so big it could cause ear damage.Ive watched firing from the mentioned point and can testify to this.This was a H and S move.You can still watch driving training at Bovington at various viewpoints,hope this clears up your question,Tony.
Hi Tony, Thanks for that, pretty much what I had thought too, I remember a sign telling you to wear ear protection or stay inside the car with the windows shut. We bought ear defenders ! it was great to see the tracers in the shells, a direct hit or a complete miss, sometimes bouncing off the rocks or flying through the gaps in the hills out to sea ! Thanks again, Tony.
Hi we used to sit on roof of the works trannie van!The best to watch(still)is night firing.From top of hill heading towards Durdle Door.The times and dates are in local papers.Cheers Tony.
waffenamt wrote:
Probably because the Lefties dont want us enjoying militaria related things anymore mate.:angry:
They don't want us enjoying ANYTHING unless its something to do with their PC drivel.
This site is multicultural ,we have members from all over the world please try and remember that
Yeah,sorry `bout that.I didnt mean to get the young `un in trouble!:blush:
Anyhow,back on topic.some of you lads are lucky to live near such ranges.
the only one ive passed on my travels was one off the A66 in Cumbria.There are signs all over the roadside saying `keep off` but i would love to know what goes on up there? No,im not going trespassing!
Its marked on the map as `Danger Area`?

anyone got any info please?


Warcop training area waff,infantry and artillery training takes place there,we go up there every year ,there are some authorised footpaths across the area but you would need to contact range control to find out when its safe to go walking
cheers spotter,
ive driven passed many times and the range looks quite mountainous.
Its a bit far from my house though for a day out but i appreciate the info


heres couple of old pics i took up there waff ,,nice scenery but its grim when weather changes

Great pics,nice scenery!
how big is the range?
Ive only glanced at the map before,plus how does this range fit in with the Hillwalkers,Ramblers and any footpath laws?

Hi chaps ,this pic shows Bindon hill in the center,with target vehicles at the bottom,this was taken from rings hill,this is on the lulworth ranges and this is the AP range.The hill to the left when viewed from the bottom is covered with shell craters.