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M140 A1 nose bomb fuze, US


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Hello together,
here are some images of the M140 A1 nose impact fuze, which was used in various GP,- MC,- and frag. bombs during late WW II and later. The fuze incorporates an impact delay of 0.25sec, otherwise it is identical in functioning and construction to the M103 A1.
Mrfuze, USA


  • M140 A1, 2, US.jpg
    M140 A1, 2, US.jpg
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  • M140 A1, 2a, US.jpg
    M140 A1, 2a, US.jpg
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Thanks Erhard
its a nice fuze , as you say its identical in appearance to the Nose bomb fuze AN M103 which incendentally weighs a ton
Hi Erhard,

Very nice fuze!

It seems obvious from your photos that these fuzes were shipped without the vanes attached...... was this due to the fact that there were several vane variations available and the appropriate one selected when the fuze was fitted to a particular bomb type?

Interesting in the 2nd photo, the vane locating pin holes are perpendicular to the rotating arm alignment, which would make logical sense as the split pin could still be left in place until final arming after the vane has been fitted..............on the early M103 fuze, the locating pin holes are 90 degrees round the other way - ie in alignment with the rotating arm, so once fitted, there was no way to re-insert the safety split pin. Wondering if this is one of the "arming safety" improvements that was induced with the AN-M103A1 model. (Development was M103 > AN-M103 > AN-M103A1)


BTW - OK I just read the safety tags......................
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