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m1917 German egg grenades

My collection has been in sort of a transitional stage since I had sold most of it off and started over about a year ago. Haven't really zeroed in on any one thing and i've kind of been collecting all over the place. Well i've decided to specialise in m1917 German egg grenades. I still will be collecting other things of course, but I had a previous post in the grenade section about the different base markings on the egg. I have decided I want to get as many different markings as I can amass. So if anyone sees anything in my profile album they can use and has an extra '17 egg laying around perhaps we could do a trade. I will be posting more stuff (not today, going to BBQ with good friends) in my profile album so check it out. I just love these little Eggs and they represent to me a very important staple grenade of the WW1 Imperial German Army. Oh what the hell "I just like 'em!! And to friends HAZORD and slickrick, how's the old camera doing now? Is it as good for you as it is for me?...Dano


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Dano, neat grenades. How do you find all those in the US. I have one 39 egg grenade and go to a lot of shows like the SOS, JAG ,MAX, etc and hardly ever see one of the 39's for sale much less a m-17 grenade. They have to be even harder to find here then the M-39 grenade, Ray
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ellusive little critter

Hi raygr, The '17 egg is pretty common. I see 'em go real cheap on speialist auctions, but seems like they won't ship to us. I went to SOS years ago (about 01 I think) and there must have been 20 of the m1917 eggs there. I guess they're getting less common as time goes on. I have one good source over here but they only have a few left, so i'm holdin on to that one. Used to eb on ebay by the bucket loads, till they quit doing ordnance. I think there may br guys in here selling them, so why not post a wanted ad? A guy in my grenade/ordnance club got 2 of them at the most recent SOS. They are around, keep your eyes peeled, Also check gun broker from time to time as they show up there. Wish I could help more, the juice is the hunt...Dano
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Hi Rick, I think I have the cropping together, as for that egg picture, I took it under direct basement lighting and I like the brightness. I did take another away from the light and didn't like the result as well. Yeah buddy, them directions were a big help and I totally appreciate your help with that, I'm still gonna get a better camera, but i'm not is as big of a hurry now. Can't wait to see your new eggy! Cool little gems. Now if I could only download a wiring diagram for my 70's vintage blender i'd start making my ass-kickin' frozen margaritas again...Dano

Thanks Richard, I was just over on gun broker, and if one would like to see an m1917 German egg grenade with a totally BOGUS igniter, go to gun broker and put egg grenade in search box, it is the top choice on list of 2. Oh yeah, the starting bid 175.00!! It has been running for months on end and I don't suspect that it'll sell anytime soon. If this is not a bogus fuze then I would stand corrected, but i've never seen the like...Dano
more m1917 German egg grenades

Here's 2 more shots of my m1917 German egg grenades. I think these photographs shows them much better..Dano


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egg markings

Thanks Paul, appreciate it. The egg second from end on right side, I can't quite make out the marking. What do he say??? respectfully, Dano
The cool little eggy

That's interesting Paul. It's strikes me funny when I see two eggs made by same maker side by side with 2 extremely different moulds. The EMK toward left has the aggressive "big tooth" lugs that make up the grip ring whereas the other has the more common "regular lugs". this holds true for many of the makers. On some of the more common markings like "HEH" for example I have seen as many as 4 distinctly different moulds. No big deal for as we all know the m1917 eggs were produced in great numbers, so different moulds from the same manufacturer is pretty common. A small detail but one I thought worth mentioning. I prefer the big beveled lugs on the grip ring, well if for no other reason they just look cool. Well, of course I prefer no lugs at all, the rarer earlier "smoothie" '17 egg grenade. Reminds me of the first smooth m1917 egg I ever bought, got it on ebay for 50 bucks so I thought I had scored a pretty good deal. when the grenade arrived it looked like it had been painted and re-painted about 10 times. I decided to strip the paint and start from scratch. I guess my jaw must have hit the floor as it quickly became appearant that someone had taken an egg with the grip ring teeth and had ground the teeth off, making the several coats of paint necessary to hide the sin. I contacted the dealer and he swore he knew nothing of the scam, and refunded my money pronto. I learned a good lesson off that one. I've always had an affinity for these little critters and my book goes into that in great depth. Dano
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