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M24 and M43 Cutaways


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I did these a few years ago after being constantly asked how these things work, they made it a lot easyer to explain the inner workings of the stick grenades to those that were interested enough to ask.
I have toyed with the idea of sectioning a couple of igniters but dont know if its worth the bother.
The Sprengkapsel are solid alluminum , the fuze wells are hand built by copying a very fragile original , the fuze body on the m43 was also one of my creations due to a lack of originals...now to put you at ease, both were badly damaged ground dug pots, the M24 handle had a sliver missing where its sectioned...in fact it governed the angle of the cut in relation to everything else.
m43 handle is original but loaded with dry rot.
The total cost was low as I sourced the bits specifically from a couple of collector friends who scrounged them from there reject bins.
Next one may just be a M39 egg if I can find a suitable candidate for next to nothing some time.
Hope you enjoy looking .
Andrew MG34NZ


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Nice grenades cutaways !
Congratulations and thanks for showing.
Sorry i just caught up with this thread.

Good work there Andrew on these,well done pal!

As you say,its always good to have cutaways in your collection to help explain how things work.
I have several cut items now displayed against a full version of whatever it may be(Fuzes usually).
That way it generates a bit more interest.

Nice one mate.:tinysmile_grin_t: