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M36m Grenade Box


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Heres todays little pickup, came out of a pile of junk at a local horders place, I drop in for a cuppa every now and again and was giving him a hand to stow some new junk on top of some old junk when I spotted this, Ford Motor Company box from December 41 for Grenades as per text on box, no partitions left in the box and no lid sadly but my first Mills Bomb Box and in nice tidy order, can even see where the grenades sat in it and left little black rings on the bottom. Safety Fuze was another score...about a meter away from the box, the string on it I beleive is the original from when it was sold....



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The string ???

A realy nice find for you today !!congradulations

Whats happen with the string i dont understand please explain for me i have no knowledge about the mills grenades !!

Thanks in advance

Regards David
Nice box

S W E E T ! ! ! Stenciling is awesome and unworn, nice find, can he use some part-time help? Dano
Thanks Guys , I quite happy with it...The lid wont be there sadly, it will be a box that would have had some junk in it hence it was picked up by my mate and transfered to his "horde" ...bit like a pack rat!
Dave the "String" is safety fuze for igniting detonators, small sections were used in Mills igniter sets but were factory made so this peice is unrelated to the box and was just another little pick up ( Kiwi Colin wanted some so I grabbed it with him in mid)

Andrew MG34NZ
Nice find Andy,

how about having a go at making a lid? Cant be too hard. Certainly be a bit easier than finding one. i recon you would come across hens teeth and rocking horse poo a lot more easily.

Hi Andy, I think you may well be right on that point, was just looking at lids in Colins post he mentioned above and theres not a lot to them.

You would be suprised what my Mate has stashed away, he has a whole room devoted to Rocking Horse Poo and Hens Teeth :tinysmile_fatgrin_t . He collets Vintage Farm Machinery and has done for as far back I can remember, I have spent hundreds of hours assisting with recovery of old tractors and stationary engines over the years.

Hi Andy,

all you need to do is to make a lid using the base as a template as it should be the same size. It will be kept 'snug' by the rope handles. Then of course theres sourcing the right colour paint, stencils and ageing it. Simple init?

Hi Andrew, I plan on including a Mills box as part of my display at the upcoming NZAAA Auckland Gun Show. If you're going to be there you're welcome to take the lid home to copy. Cheers Colin
Thanks Colin, I will do my best to get there,if fact I was just checking the callender before I jumped onto BOCN