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M39 Nebel.


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Thought I would share this one,

Is as bought,,,, well nearly, it came with a smooth stick and the can that belongs with this handle has the lettering printed upside down, with light cleaning should come up quite nice.

opinions on handle configuration would be appreciated please smooth or grooved ?



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nice grenade

Hi Jeeeensy, that is one sweet stick grenade, you must be proud as new papa! I must add that there has been some posts where the question is brought up whether or not to restore. That head is so cool that's one that should be left alone in my opinion. Dano
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Hi Dano ,,, Thanks ,, it is a nice one , i'll post piccs with the original handle later on ,,
the groved handle always looks better.

Here's the others ,, all as bought including the one in previous post ,but with smooth handle.

jeez,, is that the time ...i'm off for a pint..


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Hi Jeeeensy, Wish I could join you for that pint! Really nice stick grenades. you must just love 'em. All the best..Dano
Hi Miguel,

Around 1940 the handles changed from smooth to grooved ?

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Smokin! lol....very nice indeed! the Nb and Nb39 marked ones are rare items, I have one thats Nb39 like yours and the white ring is around the centre of the can....no where near as nice condition wise as that beauty of yours.As for the handles....bit of a stab in the dark as to introduction date.

Are the Nb and Nb39 marked cans dated? my one has a paint marking on the side of can that looks like 40.
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Hi ,,

RR 797 1940 smooth with matching can.
RR 804-40 smooth
RR 1940 ringed
BDP 40 ringed
42 GCK ringed

One Nb with whie stamp on top and on side white 193/40

One Nb with whie stamp on top and on side white 71/40

One Nb39 with white stamp on top of can and white 117/40

One printed upside down , is a 1940 also has a perfect waff stamped into the top of the can.

One printed upside down , has white 48.42. this is from the GCK 42 ringed handle.