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I'm restoring some old ejection rounds. but I'm looking for a good color pic of a US m485 Illum round all i can find are black and white photo's and one thats completely od green. does any one have any good pics
I do remember the thing being OD with white writing if that helps at all. I'm trying to track down pics as we speak.
I have attached the data sheets for your projo. The projo body should be OD green with a 1/2" wide white band around the projo as shown in the photo. All lettring should be white, 1 inch high letters. Later model projos will also have the DODAC number in two inch high letters just above the rotating band. The rest of the lettering would be above that. The DODAC number for this projo is D505, listed on the second page of the datasheet.

lettering would be something like:

155 H

I will see if I can find a photo of a projo.


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Here are some photos. A little different from my earlier description. The projo is dated May of 1974. Letters are 1/2" high with 1/4" spacing between rows. White band is 1-1/2" tall. White band starts 4.5 inches down from fuzewell. The DODAC number is 1-7/8" high. Part of the 155H is still present between illuminating and projectile. So lettering is:

LOT LOW-39-11 5-74

If you are going to do any welding on the projo bodies, preheat them a bit, they are made from high carbon 4140 tool steel.



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Thank you, for the pic and advice I'm also trying to find a color close to seafoam green for smoke rounds.
I haven't done WP paint in a while. Unfortunately it requires an expedition to hardware stores, and doing a little test painting. The big problem is finding it in flat (lusterless)

The stuff I used to buy was Derusto brand 864-D-28 Seafoam green, but it was gloss.

I have a can of Military touch-up made by Illinois Bronze Paint Co., Lake Zurich IL 60047. It is called Styrenated Alkyd Lusterless Enamel, Green 34558 (595 A) meets Fed Spec TT-E-516A. It was probably made on contract to the military, so there typically won't be stock on it, and the environmental emissions laws might make it tough to get.

If you do score some, let me know, because I have a few 155 WPs to do myself.

Otherwise, Walmart, and other real hardware stores. The internet says Sherwin Williams bought Illinois Bronze and Krylon. if you do have touse gloss, you can give it an overcoat of satin clear to take off some of the shine, or if you airbrush, you can mix a flattener with the paint before you shoot it.

Another source might be the local Military vehicle collectors. There is a guy that comes to the conventions here, that sells military paint. He will have WWII OD, current colors, etc., so you can try that route. If you find a good source, let me know. Good hunting.

I have a couple of M825s to redo myself. I'm looking for an unfired M116 if you know of any.