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M54 / m56


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Here it is with new fuze.

this was "souninered" before completion, and then Lamped -

the case is dated 1943 but was never crimped onto a projectile
the projectile was never filled so only has the OD and no stencil,
was also varnished so looks shinier than it might and the flash makes it look lighter in colour too. If the varnish is very old it will have to stay, if very new it just might come off without damaging the OD but I doubt it.
The lamping process didn't hurt ther case becauses of the wide primer hole and because of the wide tracer pocket that joins the HE chamber little damage was done to the projectile, the fuse upper 2 levels were ruined how ever.


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They came from

ebay, a pair of them had been made into lamps and were sold as such. For some reason the 1943 - 45 Green HE M54 projectiles are just not around. Empty yellow ones 39-43 HE are as I suspect they were either emptied or not filled and used for practice with blue or orange coloured fuses. Other wise I guess some body worked where these were made or assembled and two went home.