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Making cutaway of British No. 80 Mk IV A Fuse


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Does anyone have a cutaway diagram of the No. 80 Mk IV A fuse that they can post? I have a beaten up example of this fuse that I am thinking of making into a cutaway as I have access to a milling machine. I know it is all safe and inert as it partially strips, the base plug and percussion mechanism are gone, and the percussion ignition detonator in the nose is empty. My plan was to lne the holes that allow the flame to go between the rings up and take a 90 degree slice out of it, hopefully removing most of the damage.

It looks as if someone got it apart by removing the nose cone and forcing a screwdriver between the rings, which are damaged. The base ring is jammed on soild, and someone has filed flates on it, presumably to grip it in a vice to get it apart. Would it be best to try and remove the steel percussion detonator housing, base ring and ring with the time numbers on and cut them individually, or do the whole thing as one piece?

The base markings are: V.S.M. 80 IV A 1/17 925D
This thing is too smashed up to be any good as a display piece, the time number ring appeard offset from the fuse body, it must have taken a hell of a whacking by somebody. There is also the problem of getting the damaged base ring off.
hacksaw straight down the middle,job done ,then wait for a clean fully strippable one to turn up and make a nice cutaway