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Malice Aforethought.A History Of Boobytraps..Ian J


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Malice Aforethought A History Of Boobytraps...by Ian Jones
This book although mainly text is very interesting ,it covers from WW1 to Vietnam .Included inside are some illustrations of the various methods employed to spoil the unsuspecting soldiers day..including an exploding rat

Price ..unknown (i got this from one of those dodgy book clubs)
Published by Greenhill Books ISBN 1-85367-613-6

An excellent and well researched book on Boobytraps if you need one book to cover this subject then this is the book to have .
Malice Aforethought

I picked up a copy somewhile ago, out of curiosity not being interested in booby traps and bombs etc but found it a good read, plenty of info and details as well as 'stories' about their use.

Malice Aforethought

If anyone would like a copy of my book, I still have a few. Price is 15.00 plus post and packing.

I was lucky to pick an ex-libary copy today for AU$1, i had borrowed it years ago from the libary & i was lucky to find it for sale.
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