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Martin Baker Seat Cartridges


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Here are some pictures of a couple of Martin Baker Ejector Seat Cartridges.

They are from the earlier gun type seat as fitted to the Hunter, rather than the later rocket seat.

The guns normally had a primary cartridge at the bottom of the tube and two secondary cartridges higher up the tube.

The Primary was normally fired by a striker and the secondarys were fired by flash as they were uncovered as the seat moves upwards.

The primary cartridge I have has been in a fire so it is damaged. It is 46mm x 66mm

The secondary cartridge is 83mm x 17mm


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There have been quite a few of the secondary cartridges on ebay recently going for about 8 ea. But there are none on at the moment.

I have not seen any other primary ones though. Mine came from the fire dump at Dunsfold about 30 years ago.

secondary case

I picked up a secondary case No.1 Mk.2 some while ago which is 58mm dia x 32mm long brass, Are they collectable? 2pr
I suppose so.

I was given these by a friend when I was at school, so I've hung onto them for sentimental reasons. They were an early part of my collection.

I have not seen many about. The ebay ones I saw were all from the same seller and may have been drill cartridges.

The ones I have are both marked No 8 Mk 1. They were probably Hunter since they came from Dunsfold.
seat ejection primary

does anybody know what the transfer on this primary is


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does anybody know what the transfer on this primary is

The circle marking on this cart is to indicate what set (not seat!) the cart belongs to.
Some sets don't have primary ,or drogue carts.
4 different colours for the different sets,include solid white,segmented red/white,segmented blue,green/white and brown.

I'd wondered the same thing about the marking. Here are mine with the red/white marking, plus a photo of the can dug out of museum pics.

No1 MK1 Secondary cartridge.
Andy :)


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