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Winston Churchills Toyshop by Stuart macrea
This excellent book covers the design and development of MD1 toys used by SOE etc
Throughly reccomended.

Have just re-read this book for the 3rd time and felt compelled to add to the other review. This is a fast paced, highly entertaining and often humorous account not only of the weapons developed by MD1 (which includes such favorites as the No74 grenade "the sticky bomb", the PIAT, hollow charge and squash head weapons, as well as all manner of switches, mines, boobytraps etc) but also the inception and the on-going fight for survival of the renegade research group that could get a device designed and manufactured over the weekend while the normal establishment might not get a prototype produced in 2 months. Not all the fighting and action was on the battlefields. The behind the scenes look that you will get nowhere else.
Winston Churchills Toyshop

This great book has now been reprinted and is available from Amazon and probably others too.
Finally found and read this book FANTASTIC a must read for anyone interested in our hobby Never realized just how many items in my collection owe their existence to these people Do yourself a favour and try and get a copy you wont be disappointed
In a similar vein, but from a naval perspective, look out for 'The Secret War 1939-1945' by Gerald Pawle.
This is about the 'Wheezers and Dodgers' of the Royal Navy Directorate of Miscellaneous Weapon Development.
As far as I know it is out of print, but it does come up in the book stalls at militaria fairs.

The thing that bothered me about all this is that we had these organisations battling the Ministry of Supply and the Germans had Peenemunde.