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Metal filler,mission impossible????


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Hello All,Are there any metal fillers available that actually look like the surrounding metal once they have hardened,and perhaps had a bit of a polish? As far as I'm aware,the answer to this question is likely to be a
resounding "No",most of these materials drying a dark grey colour.
I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried metal loaded polyester resin,as used
in cold cast reproduction artwork.Metal powders are available which mixed
with resin,once cured and polished,look like solid metal.I looked into all this,once,when I was thinking about casting repro projectiles out of resin.
If it worked out okay,there are numerous possibilities,rebuilding corroded
steel projectiles,replacing copper driving bands,even maybe filling dents in
brasswork.Has,anyone,clued up on GRP materials,tried any of this,or knows
some reason why it's not feasible?
Many thanks,Chris,Devcon is probably the best known range of metal fillers,and I have seen it used for repair work at times in the past,and it seems to have done an excellent job.I'm not sure,however,if it actually looks like the metal it's used on.What has got me thinking about all this,is a
round I acquired recently,that's quite badly pitted.I don't want to replace
the car body filler and the paint that I've removed from it,and if possible I'd like to restore a steel like appearance,which may be wishful thinking.
Modellers putty !

Chris, having used the "Stainless Steel" version of this product I can say it is fairly good at looking like Steel although slightly different !

There was a product on the market for modellers to use that was havily loaded with the material it was supposed to represent-American in origin I seem to recall.
I will go and have a good look and see if I can track it down-keep looking as what you seek IS out there:tinysmile_fatgrin_t