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Military Collectibles


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Military Collectibles by Joe Lyndhurst. 9 x 12. 208 pages. Excellent color photography and many rare period photographs illustrate this volume. 20th century and all nations. Topics include but are not limited to; edged weapons, firearms, metal insignia, medals, headgear, cloth insignia, ammunition, printed matter, etc, etc. Packed with information. Not a price guide. While this book wont make you an expert on any subject it will keep you from being ignorant on most of them. Will come in very handy to identify all those other bits of militaria that cross your path as you seek out your own specialty.


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for info, Joe Lyndhurst ran the original Warnham militaria fairs and the military museum on site. He was also one of the first to start preserving military vehicles in this country and was the father of Nicholas Lyndhurst (Only Fools and Horses & Goodnight Sweatheart). A true gentleman - at the December militaria fair, he would dress up as Father Christmas and come around with a tray of mulled wine for the stallholders!