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Mills 36 MK1 sectioned


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Hello all.
Had to share my latest purchase from SA. Better than expected, a Mills 36MK1 sectioned, makers stamp - DFC 1918, with correct DFC stamped base plug and early brass centre tube. I'm not really a fan of sectioned ordnance but this, I had to make an exception!

The other pic is my fast growing collection of Mills bombs


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Being the guy that still seeks an early I mean early 36, I say `YEAH`
I didnt knew any brass centre tubes were used on 36s, now I know.
Is the lever marked in any way?

No. There are no markings on the lever. This is the first brass centre tube grenade I have owned. I have mainly no 5s all with aluminium tubes. Still, Mills bomb secret and corrupt history continues! Confuses me anyway!
matching Mills?

I'm not too sure that the brass center tube was ever used on the #36, but my experience is very limited with Mills bombs, at least i've never seen a 36 with one. I think in a lot of cases parts get switched around. I'n not trying to be negative in any way, but when you look on SA and see all the "kit" available seperate from the grenade body you gotta wonder. I do know that when see one with all varifible matching parts you need to bring 2 bankers with you and a Rolex watch. I just bought a #36 body with a fill plug and that's it. I will fill it with kit parts as I go. That's just my way of thinking, if I know I have a "mutt" then I never have to wonder.....By the way pointblank0, really fine grenade....Dano
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Cheers Dano. Like you say, could be a different tube, it seems so hard to get consistent dates and changes for different numbers etc. It's nice to have the same correct base plug though, it stops me having to hunt around for one.
AKC or not

I wasn't trying to take the starch out of anyone's sails. My point was that if you don't care much about the pedigree pieces and may be willing to piece something together, then you can get by cheap and still end with a perfectly displayable piece for a fraction of the cost. Trust me when I say I would love to have a Mills with matching components but just not in the cards for me, as I have to collect on a "shoestring" budget. Dano
Hi PB,

nice sectioned gren and i reccon the brass centre tube will be ok for your 36.
They actually made centre tubes in brass, aluminium, cast iron and lead antimony for the 36 during WW1 according to the documentation so yours is no problem.

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Deffinitely. I suppose there is no sure way of knowing if a mills bomb is original or not really, but I suppose it can work in your favour when piecing them together, as you say, it does work out cheaper and you get the same reasult in the end.
Thanks for that. Just out of curiosity, what documentation do you have regarding dates and changes etc? I would be greatful if you could send me a link or something.

Thanks for that. Just out of curiosity, what documentation do you have regarding dates and changes etc? I would be greatful if you could send me a link or something.

Cant help you with that at the moment, just trust me, it will be forthcoming in due course.

Hi Paul,

I brought a brass centre tube off Ebay many years back, made by B & M. The top part had some file marks on it and from discussions with Dave Sampson I seem to remember the ones made for 36's were slightly larger than the ones for 23's (hence people filling them down to fit No23's). As most of my stuff is now in storage, I can't confirm this size difference. Are you able to confirm this with your ones?