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mills 36


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Good morning all,
I havent made it to beltring but have still managed to get some interesting finds. Bought a complete but tatty AW grenade box from a local antique dealer, who then asked if i would like the contents!! After a mixture of excitement / worry, the contents turned out to be a solitary but nice 36m, totally inert of course, with traces of the green filling band and red crosses. The body and lever are marked K for (kendrick) but the inner tube and filler plug are just marked Z The base plug is 40 dated and marked z but in the recess for the removal tool its marked S F. Does anyone know if kendrick marked their white metal parts in 1940 ? I have a 44 dated plug with the K mark in another 36.
Hi Hangarman,
a nice find as a freebie. I have a 42 gren with all parts marked by Kenricks apart from the filler screw. Lever, base plug, centre tube and gren body all have the K.
They made all the component parts and i would assume they did this all through the war.
As for S F, dont have a maker for that one. Kenrick made plug would of course have the K.

Hope this helps,