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Mills Base Plugs


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Thought I'd show some of my Mills Grenade base plugs. The one in the photo are only for the Mills No 5 and Mills 23. I've also got about 10 Mills 36 plugs and another 40 on grenades. Mmmmm maybe I should get out more? :boring:



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Hi Chris

Probably the rarest will be my earliest plug which is dated August 1915, which puts it in the first 50-60,000 made. The maker is TA&S and it's in really good condition. I do have three 23 MkIII plugs that are pretty scarce too.

I think my favourite is one I was given last year. It is a James Cycle Co 23 MkI plug dated 8/15. This is a total mystery as it is a whole year before the 23 MkI was introduced. It is not a fake, and is a field find from the Somme.

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