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Mills grenade maker ID


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Today I was given a damaged inert Mills Grenade.

The markings are:

Onm body: CC at middle under filling plug, 3 under where handle would have been.

Filling plug: Z, WD over C, 3 over 10

Base plug: NO. 36M Mk1, C.C., Z, 40 on bottom face, A F at bottom of one tool slot, and D P at the bottom of the other.

Can anyone iD the maker?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Carron & Co., Ltd.,
Iron & coal masters, engineers, ship owners, contractors to the government, manufacturer of all kinds of firegrates, kerbs, cooking appliances for steam, coal, gas, electricity & oil fuel: kitchen & portable ranges: baths & lavatory basins: heating stoves: gas and electric cookers, stable cowhouse & piggery fittings: structural castings, gates, railings, sanitary & rainwater goods, artistic ironwork, engineering specialities &c.
Works: Carron, Falkirk.
Carronade, Falkirk Falkirk 35.
Branches: London 15 Upper Thames Street. EC4 (Central 7581 (4 lines)) export department: 14 Upper Thames Street. EC4. (Central 3179) Carronade, London: Liverpool, 22 to 30 Redcross Street. Central 3261: Glasgow: 125 Buchanan Street. Central 5255 (2lines)

Wolverhampton Die-Casting Co., Ltd.,
Graiseley Hill Works, Wolverhampton.
Diecastings TN 23831

Z signifies item made of Zinc alloy.


Tim. G.