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Mills id,


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Evening chaps,
Can any one id this mills gren please, it was given to me with some other bits from an old friend of mine.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Nick
its a WW2 no 36 made by Thomas Adshead and Sons, Paragon Works, Angel Street, Dudley, Worcs. I cannot read it from your picture but the base plug should show the date of manufacture of the plug. Could be 1944 from the piccy. May have been used as a training aid as its painted white/grey but it dosnt look like a drill gren as i cannot see the usual 5 holes.Nice gren though, all the parts made by the same maker, not as common.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the I'd ..i see the date now you mention it , 1942, it has a slot cut under the lever and where the gas check screws in this has been drilled through. Any ideas where i can get the matching striker etc ?

Hi Nick,

you say it has a slot under the lever, would this be big enough for a coin? Does it have a centre tube? If not then perhaps its a money box? That would probably explain why the base plug has been drilled through.
As for strikers and springs, best bet may be ebay or Specialistauctions as they do pop up now and then but have been going for rediculous prices of late.
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