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Mills type grenade simulator


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Produced by Indian manufacturer Zen Technologies Limited.is this Grenade simulator modelled on the no36 mills..


ZEN Hand Grenade Simulator (ZEN HE36S) is ideal for practicing timing and lobbing techniques using grenades. Instead of using actual grenades, which are dangerous and expensive, simulated grenades with the same characteristics are employed. The system can be used in any limited open space. The ZEN hand grenade simulator compels trainees to exercise necessary caution in dealing with hand grenades by inflicting a small burn wound, should the HE36s explode in his hand. It helps the trainee perfect his lobbing techniques so that the grenades have maximum efficacy. A body of troops can lob simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Key Features:

Simulates HE36 grenade in size, shape and functionality

Sound and smoke realistically simulate explosion effects

System can be used on a rifle range

A body of troops can lob simultaneously

System can be used repeatedly for 80 lobs

Interesting but not exactly hi-tech. I am surprised that the Indian countries still use Mills grenades made locally. They also make other types under licence.