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Mills variants


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Heres a some Mills bomb variants :tinysmile_twink_t2:, I have had these forever and I recall all came from the local rubbish dump back in my school days, lovley No5 money box , 1917 dated No36mk1 also had the slotting treatment and the jewll in the crown an enameled 1943 dated No36 mk1. such a lovley colouration on this baby :puke:LOL
I have never seen another enameled one Im curious to know if theres many around ? I beleive the money boxs were commercially done to get rid of the mountain of left overs but the enameling has me beat .
Andrew MG34NZ


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Hi Andy,

nice looking bombs, the WW2 certainly unusual.
Yes you are right about the monybox variant, however they were also sold during the war to raise money and the designs were actually produced and the patents signed off in 1915 for these so they were produced from quite an early stage.
Always nice to have though.
The WW1 36 looks like it was made by J.M. Doughty & Sons Ltd, London if you didnt already know.

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I cannot see a bolt on the enamelled 36, however i reccon it has a no 5 filler screw fitted instead of the larger 36 variety.

Thanks for your input, no I didnt know the manufacturer so thanks for that. And war time sales is also a new one, great info.
The WWI 36 must be a reject body as the base plug screws in on a angle as the thread is all out of whack.
Never looked at the filler plug on the enameled one but now you mention it it does look like a No5 plug and not like anything in my other m36s of the era. I have never unscrewed it or even attempted to so the 30 years I have had it its been just like that .
I have just tried to put a no 5 filler into a 36 and its too loose. Maybe its a 36 filler thats been well filed or the no5 has been glued in. Either way its not right.
However i dont see that this matters as its survived and been a well respected piece.
As for the the base plugs beong wrong, this did happen and the grens had to be made correctly, the not so bad rejects being made into Drill training grens and the really bad ones either being sold to help the War effort or scrapped. This one survived to be appreciated.