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MK 243 Mod.0 Navy bomb fuze, US


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here I want to shear some images of the Navy designed MK 243 Mod.0 impact nose fuze of WW II, which was used in various GP-bombs. This fuze incorporates an impact delay of 0.025sec. and needed approx. 450ft of air travel to be armed.


  • MK 243, 2, US.JPG
    MK 243, 2, US.JPG
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  • MK 243, 2a, US.JPG
    MK 243, 2a, US.JPG
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its a slightly unusual fuze , rarely seen for sale , in the 15 years of collecting ive been offered no more than 2 of these, i regret not buying one at the time , but then German fuzes are my main interest.