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MK 76 MOD 5 Restoration

Florida Cop

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Hi my name is Philip i have a few questions if anyone could help i would be greatfull. Please feel free to share your opinons.

i got the bomb from a friend who got it from his brother who (bear with me)who found it in his shop it had been painted red insted of the original blue and the building was painted the same color red so who ever painted the building i guess had a little left over. Anyways i have it now and ive been striping it down to the original blue found the stencile marks and wrote down what i could read.



1. does anyone have a picture of an mk 76 with the olive drab and blue stripes paint scheme

2.what method or tool did they use to stencile bombs like this one

3.what is the original coating used on the fireing pin zinc or nickel

4.do you think i should change the bomb from the original color blue or go to the olive drab and blue paint scheme.

5. does anyone know off the top of your head what color blue that is

i will post pics tmrow when i can get to a computer that works i hate dial up
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Firstly welcome !

Secondly when you get the pictures up it will mean a lot more to us as they say "a piture is worth a thousand words" and that being so the experts here will be able to tell you "chapter and verse" what you have got and how it shold be presented.