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Hi again,

3 Mills plugs also arrived today, first one is a rather worn but rare 'Dummy for Throwing Practice' No 5 plug. Its made from aluminium, dated 11/probably 16, made by J Gibbons. I like it as its been well used and i hope trained many a soldier in the art of grenade throwing.
The next is another No5, quite a scarce one, made by Morum & Co and was used for trialling the No5 as a rifle gren, dated 1916.
The third one is most interesting as its a No 23, made by H Hope & Sons and dated 8/16. Unusual in that its an iron plug, lightly copper washed/plated and looks like its a Mk 11. However this just could be a mistake in production as it would be an early Mk 11. I do know that some makers made Mk 11 plugs that were very similar to the Mk 1.



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Nice items Andy, I particularly like the No 5 throwing practice one, quite scarce I should think. Tony.