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Mortar parts ID

Burney Davis

Premium Member
I'm after an ID on this combination. It looks like an adapter in the top of a mortar and the adapter takes a number 162 fuze.
The aluminium top is marked TV 184, the steel top is marked TV 148 and both dated 1973. TIA.


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Here is a drawing

Regards Chris
Is there a copy of the parent publication available somewhere?

Thanks Chris, that's most useful as I have very little knowledge of post WW2 ammo..
It's basically mostly the same, but with improved technology.

I have to cover everything from pre-WW1 to now, from small arms to ballistic missiles. It's not an easy task without reference material (hence the above question).
Thanks to all for the help above. Below are pictures of a similar adapter - is this also for the 81mm Mortar? The 162 fuze does fit the body of the adapter.


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