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My 3 favorite M24 Stielhandgrenades



just wanted to show my 3 favorite M24s - I finally took better pictures of them !

Any comments are welcome of course.




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fine sticks

Really fine m24 stick grenades CafeSchumann, like seeing them in such fine condition. Good show..Dano

Hi Dano,

thanks for your comments - here are some close-ups of the one in the middle...
It is almost factory-new, lucky to have got it some years ago :tinysmile_shy_t:



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somebody knock me out!!

Beautiful grenade CafeSchumann, As of yet I do not have a German WWII stick grenade but would like to get one some day. There are so many good repro's out there and that kind of scares me, I myself would be more akin to picking up a solid relic and fixing it up a bit. That way, in my mind it would leave no doubt in my mind as to its originality. Of course over in Europe I guess you guys can get better examples than what is usually encountered over here (obvious). I see the sticks some of you guys show in here and am envious. I've never chased WWII grenades but now I am most interested and contemplating picking up a few examples. Like I usually do, i'll probably pick up a couple of cheaper common examples, then home in on the nicer stuff. There is just so much to collect and so little time!! Anyways, whereever I end up just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed seeing your stick grenades. Best to you......Dano