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My Bajonet collection WW1


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Here are my Bajonet collection mostly german only the one with the light blue leather is an frence bajonet !!!


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more bajonets

more pics of my bajonets


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more bajonets

the full collection


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Hi Dave
I too used to collect bayonets , a nice collection you have there , you dont collect swords too do you , my bayonet collection numbered over 120 and the swords i had about 30 , these i sold to fund the grenade collection (about 75) and finally sold to pay for the Amateur radio equipment.

No fuzeman i dont collect swords i was also thinking to collect swords but till now i dont have one !
may in future i will start this too !!

regards David
Hi Dave,
Nice collection,I still collect bayonets,that is a very nice S98 you have,is it aA or nA?
Cheers Tony

the one with sawback is an a.A and the other without sawback is an n.A !!

Best regards David
Hi Dave,
It was the S98, not the S98/05, I was asking about? the long pipe back bayonet.
I have photos of my bayonets in my "other collections" album,may be of intrest to you.
Regards Tony
oh sorry i was to fast

sorry i read to fast my brain is not fast enought :tinysmile_shy_t:

The S98 is an n.A !!

Regards David
Very nice collection,Dave,I'm pleased to discover that we have some German bayo collectors amongst our ranks.It's hardly the place for such a
request,but if any of you happen to have a brown leather frog,of a size to take the standard 84/98 bayonet,that has a triangular frog stud hole,and six or eight brass rivets,I'd be overjoyed to hear about it.
yes thanks

yes but would not say that i am a bajonet collector i have only this few pices from WW1 and the one with the sawback i am very proud of because this is from my grandfather of ww1 !!

Regards David