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my collection


Very nice collection! I was curious in particular what exactly is the piece in the middle of the first picture that resembles a blue aerial bomb?

Hi Leeski,
Nice collection of rounds you have there, looks like you need a bigger room..!
Regards Weasel.
Hello !

Hi Leeski what a nice collection of items, thanks for sharing them with us.

I note you have three "Wombat" rounds and note that two of them are "Proof of" what is the "proof of" and what is the yellow one please.

Also what is the very large case and projectile to the left of centre ? 15.2 cm ?

Have you been collecting for a long time ?

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
hi chris

the wombat rounds have "csr proof of prop" on them as for the yellow one i havent a clue what it is .And as for the large case i think its british but with a german 15.2 in the top. ive been collecting for about 15 years

best regards lee