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My Excuse


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Pathetic isn't it?Pic 1
Great start raven , bren gun looks nice do you need any accesories for one ie coat ,tool wrap, AA tripod ,spare barrel carrier. let me know i might be able to pick them up cheap from a mate if he still has any .
When i first started collecting i bought rubbish and it looked it and i ended up starting again but you have the start of a collection where everything looks really nice.
Will take a picture of my bren for you and post it.
Thanks for that Daz, I don't have a tool wrap for my bren, I saw a spare parts bag with a "legal" parts tin over at the Gunner but at 50 its out of my poor old pensions league at the moment...I just forked out 44 for the German helmet and 240 for the Enfield No4 so I'm cleaned out....so the wife says anyway!!.
Looking for a pair of BD trousers to finish off the uniform if you come across a pair of those please let me know.
All my collection is dated 1939-1944 except the BD jacket pictured on the left which is 1952, the right hand pic which is next to the 1940 greatcoat and you can't see :huh: is 1940 size 8, has some field repaired holes on the elbow with dark stains around it, supposed to be from shrapnel the source is reliable but you can't say for certain. I got the other jacket a size 13 to wear at re-enactments but that won't fit my beer belly I need a size 15.
You should be able to get the stuff you want far cheaper than its avalible from the 'Gunner', I know people have to make a living but really....:)

I've got lots of webbing stuff, inert 303 war dated rounds in chargers ect if you want anything PM me and i'll see what I've got.

Can't see any ordnance in the photograph.

Great set up!,i bet you were popular with the neighbours when you got that lot out to photograph!:p

Very nice Daz, I get some concerned looks, theres a school at the end of our road, we arn't that far from Hungerford and M.Ryan started his reign of terror in the forest...I keep my stuff indoors now.:blink:
Not an excuse

Hi Raven,
I dont know why you say excuse for you collection, we all started some where and your is fine, I know blokes with a lot less that that.
I started as a kid , as all the army surplus was dumped near where i lived
so we all had a great time knicking it, I.E, helmets and lots of kit, then i was hooked for life. keep up the good work. The first i ever bought was a hand grenade for 3.00, back in the early sixties.

Great set up with the Bren, most impressed, if i took my bren out like that i would have the armed response team round i think !, but very nice.