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My german collection


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Collecting for 3 years now, and this is what i brought together.

I'm specialing in German Coastal and Naval artillery cases, So here are:

40,6 C/34
28 cm K5
30,5 cm L/45
38 cm C/34
38 cm l/45


  • 406001.JPG
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  • K28cmK5.JPG
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  • 30,5cmww1.JPG
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  • 38cmc34.JPG
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  • 38cml45ww1.JPG
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Here are the other naval cases:

21 cm l/45
20.3 cm
17 cm l/40 (2)
28 cm L/40
28 cm L/45 L/50
24 cm L/40


  • 28cm001.JPG
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  • 24cmww1l40.JPG
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  • 17cml40.JPG
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  • 20,3cmww2.JPG
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  • 21cmww1.JPG
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Oooh! Big Stuff to collect,i hope you have a lot of room?

Thanks for showing them.:tinysmile_classes_t


Some other cases and shells:

12,8 flak with sprenggr
12,8 flak with pzrgr
10,5 flak with sprg
10,5 flak with pzrg
8,8 flak 41 with sprg
several 8,8 flak cases


  • flakcorner.JPG
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Some KWK43's: Together with the powderbags, and marking on the case. Even a 1945 dated shell.

And Waff, I have some space left, problem is it's on the second flore of my garage..... Still I like the big stuff.


  • kwk43-001.JPG
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  • kwk43.JPG
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  • kwk43003.JPG
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  • kwk43004.JPG
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  • kwk43005.JPG
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Hi Kees,
I love the original stenciling on the rounds,a very impressive collection indeed!.


And a general picture of the other pzr granates.

In 2009 I hope to find a 28 cm L4/4 granate. Wont bring that one to the second floor.


  • pzrcorner.JPG
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very nice collection thekees you have some monster cases there what sort of weight are the 38cm cases in the top pictures

regards lee

The 38 cm cases weight is about 70 kg, the 40,6 is a bit heavier. I have a 21 cm l4/3 round, its weight is about 102 kg. Lucky fact is that i put a few steel beams in my garage, so they will handle it, i hope!

I do like these naval and coastal artillery stuff. Seems te be a little under estimated, but they all have a nice history. Problem is to find the shells. I try to complete the Atlantic wall artillery cases in this collection.
Projectiles ?

Thats a great collection you have there, are you intending to try to get all of the projectiles for those cases ? and how much re-inforcement have you put in the floor ?

Very nice collection and thanks for sharing it with us.
Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:

I do intent to get most of all the projectiles, but they have to stay on the ground level. Problem is to get them shipped etc. The weight of a 21 cm is just 102 kg, the weight of a 28 cm is about 300, and 38 cm sticks at 7-800, and 40,6 will be about 1100 kg..... So my goal is the 28 cm to try out the logistic part. If my back survives, i can go the the larger ones.

Thanks for you comment

are the lager shells loaded in to the guns in 2 parts or would the projectiles be crimped the cases

regards lee

The 12,7 naval gun and higher are seperate loaded. Some have even a additional charge, besides the one in the case.
Wow all that in just 3 years......totally amazing. How did you find so many rare cases? Have you invented a time machine :tinysmile_grin_t:.

I would just love to have one 20cm+ case.

Where did you find the 38cm C/34?

If you time I would be very grateful to see pictures of the headstamps of the 20cm+ calibre cases. If possible without your pet can :tinysmile_shy_t:.

Many thanks
When you need special German items, ask at Fjordhouse, he's a member here on the forum. Many special cases i own do come from him, alias Ben. He often visits England so postage wont be the biggest issue.

Pictures of the base is a bit diffecult. Although they are huge, the German used small lettersize to name them, but will give it a shot. At some cases the ink stamps are visable,

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That is quit an impressive lot. And more important most of them in outstanding condition!!!!!


DM 53

To complete your nice collection i would add the 15 Steilgranate 42 ( :tinysmile_twink_t:)

I always collected edged weapons. The first thing i learned, is to buy the better pieces, and save a bit longer. At the end you have nice pieces, a bit less, but the always keep their value, and you never have to think about updates, and selling the poor ones. Then they are suddenly less worth when bought. Once they know your want these kind of pieces, it will get easier to find them. So be critical about the quality, not about the price or quatity!
thekees said:
And a general picture of the other pzr granates.

I apologize to be picky on such a fine collection but it looks like you have a 7.5cm K Gr rot. projectile used by the 7.5cm FK 16nA in a Pak40 case. It is the HE projectile with the yellow and red band.

Btw excellent 7.62cm pzgr 39 rot for the 7.62cm Pak36. Very nice origainal paint.

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you're correct, that grenade should be there, it's now replaced with a hollow charge shell.
The PAk 36 case has even the ink markings at the side