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My German restored bombs #1


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Here 3 restored German cluster bombs, from top:
-SD10 training with smoke charge
-SD10 ordinary HE
-SD9 made of 88 Flak shell


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The SD9 is a rare item the Germans used the same adaptor on the 15cm shells too using a SD2 AZ(41) fuze
To be honest, my SD9 is a replica made according to dimensions from the German "green bomb book", only fuze adapter is original. I have never seen a real SD9.:tinysmile_angry_t:
sd10 restored

Wow, really fab to see this picture...did you use green for the sd10a from the RAL codes or did you use something else, perhaps commercially available. You have done a great job, they look great! Cheers Murdosbunker
I puchased some time ago different spray paints from Militariaversand Emig in Germany, he had several different and fully authentic tones available -and no modern acrylic based paints you get from paint shops but nitrocellulose based and others just like the original paints were.
Unfortunately I have not lately seen these paints any longer in Emig's catalogue but luckily still have enough for years for my use.

The problem with RAL codes is that a few WW2 Luftwaffe colors had already RAL code but today's mixing machines normally don't identify these numbers. If you just look what is available at RAL catalogue you dion't find the correct tone, though something close to it.
Wehrmach colors were not RAL-coded and if you take a sample of original to a paintshop and they analyze it in their computer you get a mixture which usually is far away from original ( I have tried it several times ). Before I got these spray paints I usually bought 2 totally different tones but close to what I wanted and mixed them by hand to get the closest result.