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My Grenades


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Hi Here are my Grenades i don't know that much about them as i have only started collecting them i think they are No5s and No23s so any information would be great


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And here is my No36 Stamped JPS just under filla screw and CSB on leaver and base plug 36 MkII SEG /60 43


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Hi Allan thanks, i was wondering if someone would tell me what each picture was and then i can label them
Hi Andy,
they could all be No5s although no 2 may be a 23. What base plugs do you have on them? If you put no 5 plugs on them ime sure that would be ok. The 36 is a MK2 even though it dosnt have the swept forward lugs often made by JP&S.
Nice grens though, ime sure you are proud to own them.

Hi Andy,Yes i am thanks two of them have brass base plugs dated 8/16 and 10/16 No5 Mk1 and the No23 has a steel plug threaded for a rod the others have no bases.
Hi Andy,
i have a couple of spare manky brass base plugs if you want them but you will have to check the other 2 will take a plug. Suggest you try one of the ones you have first.

Actually, i have just purchased the entire tap and die set for the Mills gren,should get the gear tomorrow and will then be able to rethread just about anything Mills. Some of the larger items are actually dated from WW2, in itself quite a find. A bit pricey though at 90 quid the lot but wont have to buy any more. Going to have a go at rethreading some plugs soon.

I am well into training grens so like the Mk 2.

Hi Andy, i have just tried one and they fit and yes i would like them thank you, the tap and die set will come in handy a good bit of kit nice one, dose the No 23 have a brass plug or is the one ok i have in it also is the No36 date on it 43 or is it 60.
Hi Andy,

cannot send anything out to you till next Moday if thats ok with you but will put a couple of plugs aside for you.

the 23 mk1 initially had both copper washed cast iron and heavy brass base plugs and the mk2 has a cast iton plug with a central boss for the rod. They are not so good for standing a gren upright.
I have posted a picture somewhere on the forum of a cast iron mk 1.

The steel base plug you have for the 36mk2 was made by Southern Engineering Group, a conglomeration of small Engineering companies involved in war work around Brighton during WW2. It was made in 1943. Not sure what the 60 means, if another forum member could enlighten us that would be great.

I will post the plugs to the same ad if thats ok bud.

Hi Andy, thanks for the information the 23 has a cast iton plug with a central boss so thats ok just needs a rod, thats ok about the plugs and my ad the same.
Hi bud,
i will pop a spare rod in for the 23 as well, a bit rusty but will clean up ok.

Hi mate, that would be great thanks, what is the best way to preserve them i was wondering if i should varnish them what do you do.
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Hi again Andy,

you could shellac them as this is what they were originally covered with, i will look up the exact receipe for you a bit later, however make sure you have removed all the rust.
What i do with most of my grens to stop the rot is to give them a good coat of beeswax polish, allow to dry and then buff off well. I reccon silicon polish will do as well but as i keep bees the wax is free. Works well for me.

Hi, That sounds the best way to go and should do the job i have some bees wax kicking around some where i will dig it out,
Hi Andy,

i have found the 1917 receipe for the rustproofing of a Mills gren which is as follows;

Seedlac [pelletted shellac] 8oz
Tumeric 8oz
Methylated spirit 1 gallon

This was applied hot and dried in a stove.

Obviously you would have to scale this down unless you have a few hundred grens to paint but it gives you the proprtions anyway.

Hope this helps,

Hi Andy, That sounds like button polish or Knotting as we would call it in the building trade i will have to try some thanks
No.5,23,36 grenade

No.5 dates 1915 - 1920

Explosive fillings 2 ounces 2 drams of ammonal, bellite or amatol.

Markings: red filling ring. Early models had green bands for amatol or pink bands for Ammonal and bellite.

No.23 date of introduction June 1917 - 1921

No.5s and No.23s differed in:
a. filling plug location and size
b. shape of lugs
c. shape of lever
d. hexagonal base plug (on some)
e. shape of striker. ( A slot was cut into the head of the striker to allow gases from the fuze to vent).
f. Fitting possible for rifle rod.

Mk1 23s had 2 ounce 2 dram Ammonal or Mumat.
MK2 23s had 2 ounce 13 dram Abelite, Ciferite or alumatol.

No.23M improved grenade for Mesopotamia 1917 -1921

No.36 Dates 1918 - 1932
No.36M improved grenade for Mesopotamia 1918 - 1980
a lot of the grens were actually in service well before their official introduction, i think the 23/1 was actually with the troops by June 1916 as i have a plug so dated.
Same with the 23/3 and the 36 as ive got plugs dated 10/17 for both.
There were also subtle differences of shape difference but i too have seen no5s that had some of the characteristics of the 23. This i know cos a mate dug em up.

Hi Andy,
Just reading through this thread. Do you use oure beeswax or do you mix it with anything first? I attempted using a tin of beeswax polish once but it never seemed to harden so wouldn't buff up.