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my magpie collection


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:tinysmile_shy_t: hi there here is some of my bits and bobs
go to
photobucket.com user name MizzRamsay password is sausage
had to bin the kitchen and the tv to make room ?
regards armystuff.
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Are you sure about revealing your passwords on a public forum?:hmmmm2:
just looking out for you pal.


magpie collection

hi mate
its only a sight for dumping my photos.
is this wrong
as i mentioned before computors are very new to me if its a problem please explain so i wont make same mistake twice.:tinysmile_shy_t:
I really wouldnt post any sort of password on this or any other site.

Whilst i'm sure the good men and women on BOCN wouldnt use it for any other reason, if somebody used it to post some dodgey pictures then you could be in all sorts of trouble.

I agree with waff, I dont think its worth the risk.

as far as i understand this password is NOT Armystuffs official password and no personal details can be accessed from it,so armystuffs details are still secure

heres a direct link [ame]http://s168.photobucket.com/albums/u196/MizzRamsay/[/ame]
and i will add some of the pictures in a few minutes,,Armystuff if you want these images removing from here just let me know...spotter
The following is part of Armystuffs collection


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hi guys
thanks spotter :tinysmile_shy_t:
when i first did this i put in my personal details on my first posting
bolo jumped in and changed the posting and gave me a new guest password.
thanks to him my details are safe.
thanks guys for looking out for me as i said to the wife i cant be good at everything. shes still waiting?:xd:
Just like to add thats one hell of a collection must have taken you years to put it together
hi spotter :tinysmile_shy_t:
every time the wife goes shopping i sneak in more junk so she dosent notice the collection getting bigger .
and im lucky my friends dont collect junk they give it to me .
i started collecting when i lived in spain about ten years ago.
regards armystuff .
hi waff :tinysmile_shy_t:
its a east german border guard uniform my motherinlaw brought back from germany .
i have got some other german goodies i will post next week ? as i dont know what they are.
this should be right up your street.
regards armystuff.
Nice gear

Hi Armystuff, you have some very nice items there.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with us all.:smile:
ni there
someone asked me about cannon rounds ,and my bacalite mortors ,was told these were from the old ammunition factorys near gretna green scotland ?
here is some more pics.
regards armystuff.


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NO not sure
i presumed it was a morter got it from old ammo factory they were sticking out the ground with the words break up printed on the side
it is made of bacalite they were all empty and the fins were missig so what you see as a tail is actually a nose cone i put on there to hold it up .

and the sign at the end of the road said keep britain tidy so i took the lot
twenty of them.
regards armystuff.
Id put money on it been parts from the break up practice bomb
have a look at this picture,let me know what you think


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your picture looks spot on
but i dont have the fin or shroud part have to get the wife to get the old spade out? she will soon fix that :tinysmile_shy_t:
regards armystuff.
"and the sign at the end of the road said keep britain tidy so i took the lot
twenty of them."
regards armystuff.[/quote]

:xd:Good one!

Keep Britain Tidy

It is always nice to hear of someone doing there bit for a "cleaner Britain" well done old bean-hope the wife comes up with the goods !:party: