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my mortar collection


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my mortar collection


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the 3 on the right of your first photo are not mortar rounds theyre rifle grenades,ill see if i can find posts on here with them in for you

Pic 3 L86A1 practice rifle grenade http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/l86a1-practice-rifle-t10924.html

pics 2 and 4 energa type rifle grenades go down this link to rollers post http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/no94-rifle-grenade-t3364.html?t=3364&highlight=energa

pic 5 is the tail from a 81mm HE mortar,and a 2inch para ilum mortar round repainted this should be white

The tails in your first photo are from 2inch smoke mortar rounds ,
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