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My new M11 rifle grenade


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Got an M11 practice rifle grenade from a gentleman in Texas yesterday, and all it cost me was the shipping. He said he found it at Ft. Hauchuca 25 years or so ago. It was rusty when he found it so he brushed it off and cleaned it up, but apparently the area is a desert where it was found so it is in great shape.


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great rifle grenade

nice M11 grenade gijunkman, a nice addition to your collection, they were only for 2 years after their introduction in 1940, the first one i've seen not in a book...Dano
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Thanks fellas, I'm geeked about it. Danno the first one I had seen not in a book, was in a little gun shop over in Whitecloud Mi. Tried to buy it but the owner said it was part of the display. (he's got nearly as much on display as for sale) Anyway that one is better than mine, it even has the stenciling intact.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t