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My old WW1 grenade site

I like the site... Nice collection!
I particularly like the relic Mills & blown mills (top half). They're a nice addition to any collection and hard to come by (well, hard to find in Canada).

Your dug-out is impressive, well done! How long did it take you to construct it?

old collection

Thanks Richard, Some of that stuff I wish I still had. Sold off big chunk of my collection because the real estate taxman "reamed me a new one". Starting over isn't too bad though because there's lots of stuff I still need. And this time around I think I will go after more artillery fuzes.. DanoThanks too to staples57
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dug out

Hi staples57, It only took one day once I had collected all the materials and had the sandbags made (all hand sewn from an old couch ((which had a rich history in itself!)). All materials were either laying around or procured from the local dump and behind grocer (pallates for wood side slats). Final cost 00.00 Thanks Dano
by the way I talked to that Canadian friend of mine and he has Mill's starting at 150.00us
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Nice looking collection Dano, gotta hate when the tax man commith! Best wishes for a speedy recovery of your collection!


Thanks Alan, collection seems to be recovering and a pic of the taxman resides at the bullseye of my dart board. Dano
Great collection! The 'trench' is awesome. Quick question..., what is the meaning of the red stripe on the '17 helmet? Thanks very much for sharing!

- Mike
red stripe brodie helmet

Hi Mike, The US brodie WW1 helmets with red stripe across top also have a 1/2 inch hole drilled in brim. These were "test units" that were pulled off assembly line and the hole drilled to test shell thickness. A red stripe was then painted across top to denote that they were not any longer suitable for military service. Oral history states that these helmets were distributed to civil defense type units. Dano